Never pay for cable TV or satellite TV again! Go south.

Did you know you can get crystal-clear high-definition TV channels for free? Also you can get an AppleTV on each TV for $149, installed! (Jailbroken AppleTV available on request!) Watch all your videos, music and pictures on any TV in your home. After a one time installation cost, you never have to pay for cable or satellite service again! Check our blog post to watch a video on a typical install process.

“This is the best $350 I have spent in years! We get 15 beautiful high definition channels and we’ll save hundreds of dollars per year. Thanks Aaron and Alex!”

- Nina, a stunned Antenna Smarts customer.

Here are the channels you will receive in crystal clear high definition!



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A map of channels available in Southern Ontario - click on each pin to see what channels are available in each city

View HD TV - SW Ontario in a larger map